Biomaterials Production and Characterisation Laboratory


Faculty Member

Asist. Prof. Dr. Duygu Ege

Duygu Ege has a PhD in Medical Materials from University of Cambridge and a MEng degree in Materials Science and Engineering (First Class Honours) from Imperial College, London. Her research on production and characterisation of bone screws at ETH Zurich, lead her to receive the Centenary Prize from Imperial College, London (2009). Her other awards include Dorothy Hodgkins Scholarship leading to PhD at University of Cambridge, Best Podium Presentation Award by International Society for Ceramics in Medicine and IDEA League Grant for her research work at ETH Zurich.


Research Areas

The focus of our lab is multidisciplinary including research on

  1. tissue regeneration
  2. injectable scaffolds
  3. drug delivery devices

Project Grants

  1. Principle Investigator (2015- ) Effect of Graphene Oxide/Biodegradable Polymer Nanofibers on Schwann Cell Proliferation (BU Grant)
  2. Principle Investigator (2015- ) Investigation of the effect of Ytrria Stabilized Zirconia and L-Arginine on Hydroxyapatite Coatings (TUBİTAK Grant)


Related Courses

BM 541 Biological Materials

BM 597 Characterisation of Biomedical Samples

BM 682 Phase transformation and Heat Treatment of Biomaterials


Group Members

Öznur Demir

Hayriye Öztatlı

İlayda Duru

Duygu Arıkfidan

Hatice Oruçoğlu


Lab Facilities

  1. Laminar cabinet
  2. Inverted fluorescence microscopy
  3. Air Incubator
  4. CO2 Incubator Centrifuge
  5. Hot plate with magnetic stirrer
  6. Vacuum pump
  7. Refrigerator
  8. Analytical Balance
  9. Ultrasonic Homogenizer
  10. Water distillatory
  11. Water bath