Biomaterials Research Laboratory



Main research areas of Biomaterials Research Laboratory;

Biomaterials, Biomimetic materials and Biosensors.

Our research is focused on surface engineering of several surfaces (such as Ti, Si, Au, biodegradable and elastomeric polymers) by changing surface properties (stiffness, topography, chemistry and biochemistry) for controlled and directed cellular behavior (i.e; adhesion, proliferation, differentiation).

Group Members

Bora Garipcan, (PhD in Bioengineering, BSc in Chemistry)

Çağrı Kaan Alkan (Post-Doctoral Fellow, PhD in Material Science)

Gamze Bölükbaşı (PhD candidate, BSc in Physics and Mol. Bio. and Gen, co-Advisor with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Gülsoy)

Bengü Aktaş (MSc Student, BSc in Biochemistry)

Elif Dönmez (MSc Student, BSc in Physics and Math)

Müge Türkaydın (MSc Student, BSc in Mol. Bio. and Genetics)

Onur Arslan (MSc Student, BSc in Textile Eng.)

Özgen Öztürk (PhD Student, BSc in Chemical Eng.)

Öznur Demir (PhD Student, BSc in Biomedical Eng.)

Selin Yalvarmış  (MSc Student , BSc in Chemistry)

Equipment and Facilities of Biomaterials Laboratory (BME)

Real-time PCR

Thermal Cycler

Microplate reader

UV-GB Spectrofotometer


Ultra pure water system

Laminar flow

-80°C deep freezer

Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Digital Homogenizer


Electrospining system (synthesizing aligned and random polymeric nanofibers)

Inverted fluorescence microscopy

CO2 Incubator X 2



pH meter

Hot plate X 3

Vacuum pump

Refrigerator (-20°C, +4°C) X 2


Power Supply

Analytical Balance X 2

Drying Oven


Magnetic Stirrer

Mechanic Stirrer


Plate centrifuge

Digital Dry Blocks

Ultrasonic Bath

Quartz Crystal Microbalance biosensor system

UV-Ozone cleaning system