Neurosignal Analysis Laboratory


The Neurosignal Analysis Laboratory located at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering in Bogazici University has been involved in EEG-fMRI based neuroimaging studies using signal processing and statistical methods.

The major purpose of our research is to  develop computational research tools to model the data obtained from  EEG and fMRI measurements for the functional neuroimaging of the human brain.

Outcome of our research helps improve the health care quality of the people by developing effective tools to understand and visualize the data used to diagnose the problems related to the nervous system and to assess the impact of treatment methods used.


Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ademoğlu



Group Members:

Hüden Neşe

Pınar Adanalı

Seda Dumlu

Sencer Melih Deniz

A. Umut Günebakan

Sıdal Othan

Ece Esma Uluğ


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