Our research group mainly focuses on light-based therapies by employing nanotechnology. We also design and develop innovative medical laser systems with our optical expertise. Our work is conducted in biophonics and tissue laboratories.

Ongoing Researches:

  • Antibacterial Photodynamic Therapy
  • Biostimulation in Wound Healing Process
  • Corneal Tissue Welding
  • Laser Debonding of Orthodontic Ceramic Brackets
  • Laser Etching of Enamel
  • Laser Excisions and Ablations in Oral Tissues
  • Laser Sterilization of Root Canals
  • Optical Characterization of Biological Tissues
  • Skin Tissue Welding
  • Stereotaxic Laser Surgery in Neurosurgery
  • Temperature Controlled Surgical Laser System Design


Biophotonics Laboratory