Computational Imaging Laboratory

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“There is nothing that nuclear spins will not do for you as long as you treat them as human beings.”  Erwin Hahn                                                                                                                                                                        

Computational Imaging Laboratory at Biomedical Engineering Institute at Boğaziçi University was founded in 2014. The main aim of the current and future projects is to develop novel molecular magnetic resonance (MR) imaging techniques to allow for a better understanding of the underlying biochemistry of diseases.

The technical projects at the Computational Imaging Laboratory focus on designing new algorithms for molecular MR imaging data acquisition, post-processing and quantitation, as well as biostatistical analysis. The laboratory also works on developing computational methods for image analysis for understanding disease mechanisms.

The main focus of technical projects is developing novel quantitative molecular MR imaging methodologies for fast and accurate data acquisition and processing. It is intended to translate all the projects developed at the laboratory into the clinics in collaboration with the clinical investigators in order to improve patient health.

 Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging data along with T1 and T2 weighted MR images of a grade 3 brain tumor patient.