Educational Objectives

The objectives of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering are as follows:

  1. To provide formal education, training, and research experience in Biomedical Engineering to graduate students of either engineering or physical science background, and also to graduate students with background in life sciences,
  2. To conduct research jointly with physicians and scientists in order to develop new health care practices and instrumentation,
  3. To organize and offer seminars, conferences, short courses and training programs for hospital physicians, administrators and technicians,
  4. To provide consulting services and technological support to hospitals and health care organizations with regard to the selection, purchase evaluation, acceptance and installation, operation and maintenance, of biomedical equipment and systems,
  5. To provide preventive maintenance and calibration services for the existing medical and clinical equipment,
  6. To provide information services through the Documentation Center of the Institute, where a large collection of printed material is available. The Documentation Center is a small, size library which carries mainly book and periodicals concerning Biomedical Engineering, as well as product catalogues, user and service manuals for a large number of biomedical equipment.