NeurotechEU NEURİCOO event: Industry Meets Academics and Students

NEURICOO is NeurotechEU’s university-industry collaboration structure.

The event on 25 May 2021 aims at the following:

Per four technologies prioritized based on questionnaires i.e.,

  1. Robotics & Neuro/Medical devices
  2. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  3. Diagnostics & Treatment Methods
  4. Sensing Technologies,

exploring the needs and expectations of companies, clusters, academics, and students in order to translate innovations into industry.


Access the event via: Crowdcast!


Next steps:

NEURICOO will work on developing mechanisms to address and fulfill those needs and expectations.

In subsequent events NEURICOO will serve as a matchmaking system to match academics to companies to assist mutual needs for collaboration.


Official event schedule: