Research Areas: 

Nanobiomaterials; Polymers; Colloids; Nanobiotechnology; Targeted Drug Delivery Systems; Multimodal Nanocarriers; Nanomedicine; Nanobiointeractions; Nanobiosensors

Research Projects:

1. 2023-2028 / Funded by Max Planck Society, Partnership Project with Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Light-Driven Multimodal Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery Applications (principal investigator)

2. 2022-2025 / Tubitak 2247-D National Outstanding/Early Stage Researchers Program, Development of Smart Nanocapsules for Combined and Targeted Breast Cancer Therapy (Project Nr. 121C205, principal investigator)

3. 2023-2027 / Funded by TUBITAK 1004 Center of Excellence Program for Neurotechnological Solutions Platform to Overcome Challenges that threaten Human Function, Subproject title: Development of High-Precision Preclinical Magnetic Particle Imaging System (MPI), BIND LAB's focus in this collaborative project: Development of Multimodal Nanocapsules for MPI and MRI Imaging Systems 

4. 2022-2023 / Tubitak 1002, Design and Synthesis of Biopolymer Shell-Solid Lipid Core Hybrid Nanoparticles for Drug Encapsulation (Project Nr. 122Z138, principal investigator)

5. 2021-2023 / Boğaziçi University Research Fund, Start-Up Project, Design and Fabrication of Polymeric Nanocapsules for Controlled Delivery of Lipophilic Anticancer Drugs (Project Nr. 18042, principal investigator)