Tactile Research Laboratory

Welcome to Tactile Research Laboratory located in the new building of Institute of Biomedical Engineering, which offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Boğaziçi University.


Our laboratory studies the somatosensory system, specifically the sense of touch by using various experimental techniques. We have separate setups dedicated to single/multi-electrode spike recording and microinjection in neurophysiology, human psychophysics, and behavioral experiments in rats. In addition to computers used for experimental control, a powerful PC is reserved in our laboratory for purely computational tasks and data analysis. Neuroprostheses tasks are performed by real-time processors. We also have in-house facilities for tissue preparation and microscopy.


We mainly do histology, neurophysiology and pharmacological interventions on frogs, rats, and rabbits. The psychophysics setup is used on human subjects for collecting behavioral, evoked potential, and EEG data.  The operant chambers are designed for freely-behaving rats. The Institute has an animal room for keeping experimental animals temporarily. The animals are obtained from the University Vivarium located in the North Campus.


Institute of Biomedical Engineering is in Kandilli Campus, and can be reached by the shuttle bus, by car, and by public transportation. Further information on transportation is provided on the Institute web page.

Laboratory web page: http://web0.boun.edu.tr/burak.guclu/burak/TRL